Our Buying Principles

At Organika, we admire your preference for real, wholesome, nourishing food that supports your health, your families health and the health of the planet. We feel honoured to be able to offer you a space with food and products that you can trust. 

Like you, we believe there is a better way forward. We are committed to working with suppliers and companies that are striving towards a sustainable future. Every decision we make we do so contemplating the local and far-reaching effects of these choices. We envision a healthy, vibrant community and future based on nutrient-rich food, regenerative agriculture, and happy workers and consumers. 

In our quest for supporting a healthy community and planet, we value:

Certified Organic

Organic certification means produce has been grown by a method, largely chemical-free, approved by an organic certifying body. In Australia, there are seven organic certifying bodies approved by the Australian Government and for food and produce to be certified organic, they must comply with the requirements of organic certification standards prescribed by these bodies. As an example, for food or produce to be certified organic under the Australian Certified Organic Standard, a farmer must ensure that their farming practices and the cultivation of their land meets strict organic certification standards. At Organika, we ask all these questions of our farmers and suppliers so that you don’t have to. Shop with peace of mind knowing that all products meet our requirements for your health and the health of the planet.


There are a vast array of reasons why eating local food is beneficial. Local food is fresh and brimming with nutrients. It has less food-miles and is seasonal to our climate. It fosters positive relationships between farmers and communities and supports a local economy. Buying farm fresh ensures the highest quality, nutrition, flavour and price. 

At Organika we pride ourselves on supporting local farmers and small local businesses. We feel incredibly fortunate to be situated in a location where there is an abundance of freshly grown produce at our doorstep. Being committed to organic produce can come with some challenges depending on seasonal variations and weather implications. When necessary, we do source further afield to promise you a wide and consistent variety of produce. 

Aside from fresh produce, we also stock a variety of locally made products including freshly baked bread, locally roasted coffee, delicious dips and fermented foods as well as locally made ethical beauty and body care products. We are continuously expanding our locally-made products; at Organika you’ll find everything from locally brewed beer to locally picked macadamia nuts.


We partner with farmers and businesses that practice sustainable working practices to ensure a brighter and healthier future for our planet and future generations to come. Our suppliers utilise a range of methods that uphold principles of ecology. We value farmers that prioritise practices to nurture healthy, nutrient-rich soil and regenerative agricultural practices. Further afield we partner with suppliers that strive to support and maintain their own local landscape and foster healthy happy communities based on fairtrade and optimal working conditions. Everything from our superfoods to our bulk foods, our coffee, wine, cosmetics and household products are made and produced with the future of the Earth and thriving communities in mind.