Organika store front

About Us

Your Local Grocery and Health Store 

We are a small business run by a local family and a passionate team. We strive to be the trusted source for organic, ethical, sustainable ingredients and products in our local Noosa community.

Organika is more than a store; we are a community who are united in our love for pure products that protect and nurture healthy people and a healthy planet.

Organic and Fresh

We seek out the finest natural and organic food and products available, maintaining our strict quality standards through researching ingredients and sourcing practices. Our trusted suppliers are not only certified organic or biodynamic, but are also famous for quality, flavour and consistency. Our fresh seasonal produce is bursting with both taste and vitality, sourced from local and Australian farmers that value organic and sustainable farming practices.

Sustainable and Ethical

We care about our community and the environment. We think about the world that we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. Therefore, we are committed to sustainable agriculture and ethical practices. We select our product range and suppliers with care and diligence, guided by our sustainable sourcing principles. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and farmers that create mutually beneficial relationships. We implement measures wherever possible to reduce our energy consumption, source from renewables, reuse and recycle. We aim to help educate our customers and community to raise awareness of climate change, plastic pollution and other environmental concerns so that together we can work towards positive solutions and a brighter future.

Health and Wellness

Your health and wellbeing is at the core of what we stand for at Organika. We are passionate about vibrant, life-giving food and nutrition. Our experienced team is on hand everyday to answer your questions on all things wellness; from vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free diets, to questions around gut-health, natural ways to boost your energy, or the latest superfoods on the market. Even if you simply want to know more about turmeric, chia seeds or kombucha- we are here to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of wellness.

We pride ourselves on providing conscious and holistic alternatives to conventional products. On our shelves you will find a wide variety of quality nutritional supplements to support you through all stages of life. Our products, foods and supplements offer you natural ways to discover optional wellness and take your health into your hands.

Ease and Reliability

Modern life can often feel like a race against time. When your days are filled with obligations and responsibilities, we make it easy for you to find the best quality organic food all under the one roof in one central location.

We aim to make your life easier with:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service
  • A welcoming and relaxed atmosphere
  • 14 day returns policy
  • Convenient parking

From fresh fruit and vegetables to quality meat, dairy, bulk foods, home essentials, supplements, freshly baked bread, wine and ready-to-go-meals, Organika has all of your organic needs in one convenient place. Shop in comfort knowing we have you and your family's wellness in mind. That means more time for you to relax and enjoy the good things in life.

Healthy Food, Smoothies and Coffee

We offer an array of nourishing snacks, meals and beverages to eat-in or takeaway. We serve delicious smoothies, super bowls, juices and plant-based/vegetarian salads and sandwiches made in-house with organic ingredients. We also have lovingly made healthy treats, cakes and muffins including plenty of vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free items. Our coffee is made using locally roasted organic coffee from Flying West Coffee Roasters made on your favourite choice of milk from organic dairy to oat, soy, almond or coconut.

We emphasise food that is well-balanced and nutrient-dense as well as tasting delicious. We believe that health and flavour can easily go hand in hand. Enjoy a coffee and salad in our tranquil store surroundings, or grab some tasty meals to go and stroll to the Noosa River located just five minutes from our store.

Organic and Vegan Wine

We curate an ever-evolving selection of organic, biodynamic, lo-fi, natural and vegan wines made by small, independent winemakers from Australia and around the world. We seek out producers who are doing innovative work in vineyards without the use of chemicals and are passionate about sustainable agriculture. You’ll find boutique everyday wines to enjoy at home as the sun sets on yet another perfect Noosa day, as well as exquisite rare varieties suitable for the most special of occasions. We believe that life is meant for celebrating; toast to better choices for yourself and the planet with a perfect glass of organic wine.