Why Shop Organic?

Organic food and products are better for your health and better for the earth- its as simple, and as important, as that!

What does organic mean?

Organic products are grown as close to nature and their natural state as possible. They only contain ingredients that involve no use of toxic pesticides or synthetic nitrogen fertilisers, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, genetic engineering or other excluded practices.

Organic products involve minimal processing, with no artificial ingredients or synthetic preservatives. The use of GMOs is prohibited and organic ingredients are not contaminated with non-organic materials. 

Why shop organic?

There are lots of terrific reasons to shop organic. It is worth bearing in mind that for products to say ‘organic’ on their label, they do only need to have at least 2% of organic ingredients. Australian Organic Limited (AOL) is the leading organisation protecting the integrity of the certified industry. You can look out for their logo to ensure products meet their criteria. 

The main reason many people choose to shop organic is to avoid the harmful chemicals and additives that non-organic products often contain. 

Supporting organic also means supporting the land and Earth. Organic products are farmed using holistic farming methods which ensure that the soil remains healthy and the growing process is sustainable. It creates thriving environments and also instigates inviting environments for bees, birds and other insects that become an essential part of the ecosystem of organic farming. 

Furthermore, organic farming methods also use less energy, conserve water and reduce pollution. Buying organic contributes to a healthier planet for our children and grandchildren.

The great news is, organic food is fresh which means it contains a higher level of nutrients and is better for you. Seeing as organic food is grown without synthetics, it doesn't have a long shelf life like products you may see in the supermarket. Quicker turnover of organic food means fresh food filled with all the goodness your body needs. Plus, it also means less food miles  and a lower carbon footprint because the products often travel a shorter distance from farm to shop. In a supermarket, you may start to notice that regular produce can come from the other side of the world which means- its less fresh, less nutrient dense and very high food miles.

Choosing organic means that you're voting for a healthier, more sustainable world whilst also supporting you and your families wellbeing. Organic food has so many great benefits and companies that believe in and produce organic products take great care, initiative and intention in providing you with the very best product possible. You're likely to taste and feel the organic difference right away.
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