What are the benefits of organic food?

You likely know that organic food is better for you and better for the planet, but let's explore the benefits of choosing organic in a little more detail. 

  1. Organic foods are grown in a holistic farming system which means that the soil the food is grown in has added nutritional value due to the interaction with animals, insects, people and weather conditions. 
  2. Rarely will the same soil be used to grow the same crop consecutively. This crop rotation means that the nutritional value of organic fruits and vegetables compared to non-organic counterparts is significantly higher. Some researchers say that an organic fruit has ten times the amount of nutritional value than a commercially purchased piece of fruit! Crop rotation protects the land as well as producing highly superior crops. 
  3. Certified organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers, or chemicals. Organic farmers use natural fertilisers like manure and ward off pests by attracting insects, birds and by setting traps rather than killing off species with chemicals. 
  4. Due to these farming techniques organic produce has a shorter shelf life once harvested. Organic foods don’t use chemicals to extend their lifespan so they decay at a natural rate. Thai means when you purchase organic food, you know it's fresh and contains greater nutrient levels. 
  5. Organic farming techniques use less energy, increase soil fertility, reduce soil erosion, conserve water, and reduce pollution. 
  6. Organic farms are usually smaller and closer to resellers due to the natural spoil rate of the food. This means that the carbon footprint of the food to the consumer is far smaller and food isn't in transit for hundreds or thousands of miles. 
  7. Choosing organic often means you feel a closer connection to your food. You may know exactly where it comes from. You may read the stories of the business owners and their own goals and ethics. Eating organic means buying from a person or company that cares- and that simply feels good. 

Before the industrialisation of our food system, organic farming was the norm. Organic farming is simply a return to traditional natural techniques of food growth which is so important for our health and the health of the Earth. 

Organic food may often be more expensive, however in the long run, taking care of your health now means that you are setting yourself up for good health throughout your lifespan. Many people end up spending money trying to reclaim their health back, rather than be preventative in their mindset. When you think about how much money we spend on other unnecessary things, it seems easy to shift the budget to include a few more organic purchases. 

Even if you just start by making small swaps, you’ll likely see and feel the difference and feel inspired to continue to make more changes as you can.